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Influencer Management Agreement.

By Entering your information below, you are agreeing to Bengali & Boujee’s terms of use and conditions.

By joining our Influencer list, you consent to  Bengali & Boujee contacting brands on your behalf, collecting payment and negotiating on your behalf.

An Influencer is not obligated to take on campaigns and must maintain an authentic and growing audience at all times.  

Bengali & Boujee will contact you when brand partnerships are available with specific instructions for each campaign. When you accept a campaign, you agree to post the content at the given deadline. If you are unable to post the content due to an emergency, you must  (a) return the product and (b) provide written confirmation that you are unable to complete the campaign within 30 days of receiving the product.  Otherwise, you will incur a fee of $25 USD, will be taken off our Influencer list, and will not be able to participate in future campaigns.

Bengali & Boujee will perform all communications with brands for all campaigns brought to the Influencer by Bengali & Boujee.  By signing below, you agree that you will direct all questions to Bengali & Boujee, and that you will not contact the brand directly during the campaign period.

@bengaliandboujee will be tagged in all collaborations obtained by Bengali & Boujee. Influencer photos and videos will also be used for Bengali & Boujee marketing.

All pay out is done every 30 days via Paypal. Paypal account is a must.


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